AMK Infant Care With Free Infant Transport Service Within 3KM Radius (Limited Availability)

the infant care that answers more questions to assure moms at work

Moms with their routines

We do our best to incorporate parents’ feedback on milk and nap timings on young infants.

More than just babysitting

We help parents to care for each individual child across developmental milestones.

Only infants environment

Infants are not toddlers. They require more attention to care fully for our 2 – 18 months old.

Why Choose Us?

Baby Elk IFC has multi-year experience caring for infants aged 2-18 months exclusively. Our teachers communicate with parents regularly throughout the day on routine matters like feeding, diaper changes, and napping.

We are located near Yio Chu Kang MRT Station in a nurturing environment built for infants. You can read more on our About page.

Some of our Infant Care’s Highlights.

1 : 3 Teacher to Child Ratio

Your child gets adequate attention in a group care setting.

Regular Routine Updates

You don’t get routine updates on a piece of paper at the end of the day.

Activities to stimulate growth and development

Check out some of the activities’ pictures in our gallery.

Certified Educarers

Our teachers are mostly mothers themselves and have been in the educaring industry for some time.

Infant Age Groups

At Baby Elk, we set apart infants for more precise caring.

I can’t move yet (2-6 months)

I start to crawl (7-11 months)

I start to walk (12-18 months)

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your centre located?

Baby Elk Infant Care centre is located near Yio Chu Kang MRT station, at AMK @ Link.

For parents travelling by public transport, you can either take a 5 minute walk from the MRT station, or take a bus for 1 stop.

What is your teacher to student ratio?

Our teacher to student ratio is 1 : 3. Our teachers are mostly mothers themselves and are certified infant educarers with many years of experience in the early childhood industry.

Can I take a look at your menu for solid foods?

Sure! For babies starting on solid foods (around 5-6 months mark), we will email the diet menu to parents for allergy testing.

Our diet menu is designed with The Healthy Meals in Pre-schools Programme (HMPP) by Health Promotion Board in mind. No salt, additives or artificial flavourings are used.

What is the daily routine of my child in your centre?

Once you check in your child in our centre, our teachers will check to see if it is time for milk, diaper change, etc. Showers will be done in the morning as well.

The daily routines will be updated in our App throughout the day so that parents can take a look.

Our teachers also conduct daily developmental activities to engage your child when they are not napping.

Do I have subsidies for my child?

Yes, for Singaporean parents only.

If you are a working mom, you will have a basic subsidy of $600/month for full-day care. For non-working moms, there is a basic subsidy of $150/month for full-day care.

For additional subsidy, it depends on your household’s total income. Click here to read more.

What do I need to prepare before starting school?

Generally, there will be items that are kept in the centre and to be replenished when nearing depletion e.g. diapers, formula milk, wet tissue etc.

There are items that are returned weekly e.g. bed sheet covers, blanket, pillow, etc. There are items that are returned daily e.g. home clothes, bibs, bath towels, etc.

All the information is in our Parents’ Handbook which we will provide to interested parents.

What happens when my child cries or refuses to sleep or eat while in the centre?

Most of the time, our educarers are experienced enough to handle different scenarios in the centre.

However, there will be times whereby a student is transiting into the new environment, going through developmental stages or facing challenges like sleep regression, teething etc. In these cases, our educarers will be patiently guiding your child through the centre’s routine.

I have specific sleep or milk timings for my child, will your centre follow?

For younger infants (below 6 months), our educarers work closely with parents to follow your routines for your child. So we won’t follow a fixed timetable yet.

When your child is older (12 months & above), they will be transiting towards a timetable-based routine so as to get them ready for Playgroup and Child Care in the future.

Worried about not being able to see and protect your child while you are at work?

We offer assurance to Moms at Work on their child’s daily routines by answering more questions throughout the day.

Our Satisfied Parents

Babyelk is a good infant care with professional teachers that always make sure our baby is well-taken care of. Got a lot of activities in the day time and really good for our baby’s growth and education. We as parents have peace of mind when putting our baby there. Thanks Babyelk 😊

– Sony Kartawinata

Baby Elk is a systematic and well-managed infant care. Baby definitely safe in their hands. The teachers are well trained and will feedback to the parents of anything that need to be improved on to the baby in term of behaviour, health and learning ability. Keep it up! My 8 months old baby is very alert and very eager to learn new things since putting here when 2 months old.

Au Yong Kok Mun

There has been no problem with Baby Elk. They are very responsive to our enquiries. We feel at ease leaving our baby girl in their care.

Nelson Semblante

Teachers are cheerful! There are lots of engaging activities for the infants and they update the app in a timely manner.

Saktivel Chandramohan