How To Be a Worry less Mom

Motherhood breeds anxiety. It’ll be one of the worst feelings a woman would ever have and the scariest
as well. Knowing that your infant is one hundred percent dependent on you is really a great deal.

Anxiety could reach different levels, and some, before they know it, it becomes out of control.

There are developmental milestones that will happen as motherhood arrives and as they happen,
sometimes worries arise.

Doubts about tummy-time, diaper rash, reflux, and we oftentimes start to ask, am I enough as a mother?

As the child grows, your worries grow as well. So how do we tame this feeling? The following tips might
help us enjoy motherhood having to worry less and enjoy the journey:

Stop worrying about small things.

Worrying often and treating life as if it is an emergency is the last thing you wanted to experience.
When you worry for that person you entertain negative thoughts and a series of what-ifs that might or might not happen.

There’s no point of worrying a life emergency that doesn’t exist. Rather, you should focus your thoughts by making a special meal, planning a little surprise, saying “I love you”, and spending time together.

Remind yourself that you wanted to be a mother.

When your brain seemed to be taken out of the loop, you have to re-calibrate your thoughts rather than losing yourself. Remember that you are a mother and that you have a role to deliver as a mother.

Rather than letting the positive thoughts slip away replaced by the never-ending worrisome days and nights,
think of a mother’s love.

Be proud of your child’s accomplishments, sharing a good laugh, having meaningful conversations, or simply tucking them in at night are activities that can bring you back to your grounds of sanity.

Remind yourself that your worry ideas rarely come true.

If you are a person who loves to worry, notice that all your ideas of what-ifs never really reach fruition.

Accept the things you are not in control with. Instead of thinking of what will happen, think of the things that exist and where you can get your hands to work on.

Although at times, there are some things that you can prevent from happening, there is no possible way to predict or anticipate everything that could possibly go wrong.

Superheroes are not perfect.

Turning lemons into lemonades is not as easy as you think, but is very much possible. Mothers are all superheroes, but no superhero is perfect. You’ll be making mistakes.

Most of the time you’ll come trembling on your knees not knowing where to go and what to do. Direct your energy into something productive.

Get your mind off your worries and start doing something that will help you accomplish something tangible. Something worth doing.

Once you see the results of these activities, you’ll start to develop a system of not over thinking of the things you can’t get your teeth on. Jog, chat a friend, paint, garden, teach your kid a new song, dance, and before you know it, things will get better.

Accept that your child will make mistakes.

Overprotecting your child to any potential threat is nearly close to impossible and probably the most insane thing that you can do as a mother. Let your child experience life.

Make them make their mistakes and cope with the challenges they’re facing. With this, you can teach them how to deal with more difficult situations in the future.

Frustration comes when you try to nest your young and be on guard 24/7. Let them run, stumble, and teach them to stand up and walk again.

Surround yourself with good service providers.

Sometimes we always worry because we don’t trust those people who provide us service for our children. The school bus, your Paediatrician, day care centre providers, infant care versus maid, you often worry about leaving your child’s care in their hands.

So better surround yourself with those people whom you can really put your trust. They should be knowledgeable, caring, cautious, and is wonderful in looking after the needs of your child. They should treat your child as if it is their own.

If you feel like your child’s service provider can’t be trusted one hundred percent, consider finding new providers with whom you can put your trust.

Engage yourself with other things aside from being a mother.

Most of us will say, “I don’t have time for that”. Mother’s need short breaks. Take some time away from motherhood. Engage yourself in hobbies, get your feet on that stationary bike or work-out.

Taking yourself out of the usual motherhood routine will often give you perspective.

Have coffee with friends, do your spa and pamper yourself are just a few things you can do. Build a healthy support system that will recharge your energy.

There is nothing like a perfect validation hearing that someone made it through the challenges you are also experiencing.

Stop or lessen your tendencies of worrying.

Worrying is a negative feeling, you have to contain its violent widespread because it is contagious. Goal setting is one of the most powerful things to do because it depicts hope worrying doesn’t have.

Goals set will somehow put the direction on where you want to go and will eliminate thoughts that you worry about.

Always go for the positive.

Lessen your heart-stopping panics and direct your energies into something productive instead of worrying. Gather all your facts.

Your imagination in the absence of facts will simply amplify the danger into a catastrophe.

Equip yourself with life skills.

If you worry that your child will choke while eating, try to take courses regarding Basic Life Support or
First Aid.

By capacitating yourself with life skills, you’ll be more confident when emergency situations arise therefore having to worry less.

Lessen your interest in violent programs, this somehow gives you a picture that the world is dangerous and you have lots of things to worry about.

You can also avail your infant care leave for you to have ample time to fix everything and organise before going to your daily work routine. Being prepared helps.

Let’s all kill the worry bug because it will make us better mothers.

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