Our Infant Curriculum

The Steady Achievement Growth Experience (SAGE) Curriculum combines the theories of cognitive and developmental psychology from Piaget, Vygotsky and others with the practical knowledge of well known pedagogies from Froebel, Montessori, and modern learning methodologies.

It uses the best academic foundation and pairs it with a solid application strategy for the child, using an assortment of materials and learning aids available in our centre.

SAGE’s Learning Philosophy

1. The child will be able to develop skills for communication, interaction, imitation, and social development with the support of Baby Elk teachers and childcare staff who will create opportunities for stimulation and active growth for each individual child.

2. Educarers will also engage the child in activities to encourage the functioning of the brain such as thinking, learning, awareness, judgment, and processing information.

3. Baby Elk’s teachers are trained in experiential learning opportunities through sensation and movement, massage and exercises.

4. Social interaction and interpersonal skills will be introduced in a culturally sensitive way to nurture empathy and altruistic behaviours.

5. The child will be exposed to numerous science and math experiences that lead to cognitive development so that they will have academic success when they begin preschool or kindergarten.

Why Baby Elk chose SAGE Curriculum

Baby Elk chose the SAGE Curriculum as it is in line with our vision, which is to provide a warm, safe and developmentally appropriate environment for infants aged 2-18 months.

Our goal is to provide a stimulating early learning experience that will nurture each child’s cognitive, physical, social and emotional development. We are committed to ensure that children have access to the best resources for their growth.

Our Mission

With a team of highly professional staff and in close partnership with parents and the larger community, Baby Elk aims to be the benchmark provider of quality care for children in their early developmental years.

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