Nothing is more exciting than bringing your little one home. No matter how you think you’re prepared, you’ll have moments of confusion and fear on how you can really execute perfectly your role as a

Being a first-time mother may seem overwhelming. A lot of questions will come into mind because we all want the best for our little ones.

In Singapore, they have Child Care support and Infant Care services who can really help an overwhelmed working mother. Usually, babysitting services in Singapore are of short term period like three to five hours.

You can use this time to re-charge and prepare for newborn treats that you can give your little one. Remember that these treats will only be properly executed when you are at peace in mind and in body.

Get some rest so as not to channel negative energies to your newborn. Your mental, physical and emotional state is important in the following suggested treats for your newborn.

Do Baby Bond Time

Bonding with your little one is one of the joys of motherhood. This will not be easy at first because you need to adjust to your baby adapting to his/her new world.

You have to learn how to assess what your child needs at the moment. Everything will be great if executed in perfect timing.

You can do bonding time by:

  • Spending time communicating.

    Communicating with your baby is a skill most of us parents should develop. We need to communicate with them well using a different medium. One way of doing this is actually talking to your baby, touching them or by singing to them.

    Communicate your love to them. Make the mood light and relaxing. Sit in a room, with dim lights, good music, a comfortable seat and hold your baby while doing your bonding.

    You can do this before your little one sleeps at night and make it a routine.
  • Make eye contact and smile.

    Newborns have an underdeveloped vision. It’s always better to give them a good view of you in close eye contact.

    Make them recognize that it’s you and time comes that your baby will mimic you and your sounds. It’ll be fun if they do!
  • Skin to skin is important
    Skin to skin gives a different bond for you and your baby. Do this when you’re cuddling, while stroking a gentle massage.


One of the best gifts mothers can provide their young is that precious milk. Breastfeeding is a really good treat for them. They will feel the connection and warmth of your presence.

This will also develop their IQ and EQ building their trust in you while letting them feel that they are well loved. This journey is so challenging but this will surely pay off in the future.

Good Entertaining Bath

If a mother is not well trained for a good baby bath at first, nanny services in Singapore can greatly help while you’re still learning the techniques.

A good entertaining bath needs a skill of the expert to be executed well. We need to take into consideration things like room temperature, water temperature, avoiding infection and making connection.

Learn how to execute this well and this will surely give you little one a nice treat.

A Good Relaxing Massage

Like bathing, a good massage requires skills. Infant care entails a good grasp of techniques that we cannot just simply make mistakes that will hurt our little one. Night massages are best and relaxing before going to sleep.

Make the room warm and comfortable for a bedtime massage. Sing lullabies while having gentle strokes, with that, you’ll make your baby a treat of a good, sound, relaxing, sleep.

Comfy Treat

Always make your child comfortable. Make them wear light clothes. Do not overdress them.

Overdressing is not a good treat for the baby. You don’t want them to overheat and throw tantrums.

By making them feel comfortable, you’ll give them a chance to focus on other things that will help them
develop rather than irritating them with fancy clothes that are not comfy.

Never Miss Immunizations

Never miss this important step, for this will give your child the most protection they need growing up.

Doctor visits are important and a well-recorded immunization table must be strictly monitored. They will
thank you in the future for being responsible for this.

There are more treats that you can really provide your precious one. Most of these you will develop for them based on their character and needs. Every child is unique.

Learn how to understand signals of what makes them comfortable and what irritates them. Look for patterns and discover what they want.

When you have discovered the patterns, experiment on how to make these treats fun for them. Our main goal
is for them to feel the fun, security, and love.

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